Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD, Premia Projects Ltd) & The Real Estate Guru honored by PHD Chamber on 8th March

If You Want To Succeed You Should Strike Out New Path Rather Travel on Worn Path Of Accepted Success?Image
Well Said and applicable in case of one personality Mr. Tarun Shienh, One Name that is inspiring millions of Indians with his success story.
He carries a diverse 18 years rich management experience across  Brands like New York Life, Bajaj Allianz, HDFC Bank…. etc. He had been continuously featured in leading magazine India Today.
Ranked among the Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs by Mail Today, Mr. Shienh has headed a Sales Channel of 2 Lakh Plus Employees during his Financial Sector Days.
Real Estate has always been his passion, which is evident from the fact that he has established of 3 Real Estate Brands in 5 years, a remarkable achievement in itself.
His Linkedin Profile is among top 2 % Most Viewed Profile in India.
He is Award Winner from Leading Real Estate Magazine Property Observer and Property Portal Online “”
His brainchild real estate project “India 1st Corporate City“has broken all barriers in success with India`s Leading Builders Body “Builders Council of India “acknowledging it as the Premium Concept of Year and Sky Rocketing Sales. He is called to deliver key notes on various forums by leading National and International Level institutions like Monet Today FPCIL Awards.
Distinguished guests, honorary patrons, ladies and gentlemen, there's no such thing as perfection.  But sometimes, rarely more than once in a generation, an individual comes along who, by virtue of his natural talent and his personal qualities, embodies the very best in his profession and the ideal of his fellow Indian
And so that individual set an example which inspire millions And that's what Mr. Tarun Shienh  has done throughout his career with exemplary dignity, humility and serenity. It’s a real privilege to be here tonight.
You just need to Google about Tarun Shienh you will receive hundreds of links about his profile then  you will understand how much he has contributed to Growth of Innovation in Real Estate Sector.
Mr. Shienh achievements on the Real Estate is well known, and his innovative approach, sound financial planning and business acumen is well known and acknowledged in the Fraternity.
He is called the Guru amongst his colleagues in Real Estate Arena
All developers due to his Vision, strategizing capability and management skills, Developers come to him for Guru Gyan before launching of their projects to take his feedback.
He is called “The Real estate GURU”, considered honest and is a man with the extraordinary vision. 
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