Thursday, June 27, 2013

Premia Group Hosted “Indian State Competitive Awards 2013”

Premia Group hosted a competitive Award ceremony, where Chief Ministers of different states of India were awarded for their socio economic contribution for their state. Vice president of India, Mr.Hamid Ansari presented award to the winner states and encouraged them for the contribution that these states are making for the economic development of India. 

Tarun Shienh, Real Estate Guru and CMD, Premia Group on the occasion quoted, “It’s a great pleasure, opportunity and an event of pride for Premia Group to be associated with “Indian State Competitive Awards” today. Socio-Economic development of state and overall country is greatly on shoulders of its industry and infrastructure; therefore, we at Premia Group with a vision of Trust and Transparency are committed to elevate and take the real estate in the country to next level with innovative high on concept projects.

He further added,”I am obliged to be a part of this neish award ceremony, which has witnessed an array of ministers from different states. The socio-economic indicators vary significantly from state to state and from region to region within the same state. And such platforms would encourage every state to do better.

Premia Corporate City as India’s First Corporate city sets a great example to it and was our initiative in this direction followed by several to come in coming years.

“Despite our achievements in pursuit of socio-economic development since independence in the last six decades, we remain a developing country confronted by considerable challenges of poverty, inequality, unemployment and underdevelopment, especially in areas of health, education and shelter”, quoted by Vice President of India, M. Hamid Ansari at Indian State Competitive Awards presented by Premia Group, Real Estate Group under strong leadership and vision of Real Estate Guru, Tarun Shienh as its CMD.

At the occasion, Chief Ministers from different states shared their thoughts on critical factors that can help generate ideas on how to sharpen their competitive edge.  Sheila Dixit won the award for well-built infrastructure for a city-state with innovative & financial capacity and providing institutional support, whereas Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithvi Raj Chavan, was awarded for exceptional performance on macroeconomic factors that reflected in innovation capacity in the state. Gujrat won the award for the strategy that reflected the business incentive growth in state.

Tamil Nadu won for its exceptional hard and soft infrastructure. Shivraj Singh Chauhan has strong human capacity and factor conditions and good overall business incentives. Apart from these estates, Rajasthan, Bihar, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Goa chief ministers also won the award for their outstanding contribution in their states.

As a closing note, Honorable H. Ansari congratulated the award winners in different categories and said, "I congratulate the award winners in different categories, particularly the Chief Ministers who are present in the audience. I am sure the conferment of the awards would be an added incentive to them for further improving upon the already commendable performance of their state. It will also inspire others to learn and make the effort to join the ranks of the awardees. It is noteworthy that despite elaborate and comprehensive categorization more than half the States of the Indian Union [16 out of 29 (Delhi included)] need to catch up with the States being felicitated here today. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that India can only realize its destiny of emerging as a modern, developed nation-state when all its sub-national units and peoples, irrespective of caste, religion, ethnicity, language or origin, are included in and benefit from the country’s growth story. It is my hope that today’s event would contribute in the ongoing discussions on the issue of competitiveness and its impact on inclusive growth. I thank the organizers for having invited me and wish you all the very best.”Image

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